How to Parallel Park a Car



1. Drive until you find an open parking spot in the viscinity of your desired location.
2. Pull up past your desired parking spot till your cars rear bumper is inline with the front cars rear bumper.
3. Now before you start to reverse, turn your wheel all the way to the right until it locks.
4. Once the wheel is in postion, turn your head around to look out of your rear window and slowly start to creep backwards into the parking spot.
5. While backing up SLOWLY, make sure to keep wheel all the way turned to the right.
6. Stop backing up when the right-front headlight of the car behind you is directly in the middle of your rear window.
7. Once this happens, STOP your car and turn the wheel back to the center position.
8. Continue backing up
9. Once the front of you car has cleared the back of the car in front of you STOP.
10. Turn you wheel all the way to the left until it locks.
11. Continue to reverse slowly while looking out of your rear window.
12. Once your car is perfectly parallel to the curb, turn your wheel back to the center position.