Top Five Cheapest Classic Muscle Cars To Restore


Muscle cars are loosely defined as any American built, classical two door sports car. According to the Muscle Car Club, as a term ‘Muscle Car’ wasn’t really in use before the seventies. Before then they were known simply as ‘Super Cars’ – and that might give you some idea of how much they are cherished. We looked around and found the top five (cheapest) Muscle Cars to restore, all for you!


  1. According to general consensus (and backed up by Wilson’s Auto Repair blog) the cheapest Muscle Car you can restore is a 1964-1968 Mustang. The reasons for the Mustang being in the top spot are two fold. The Mustang is incredibly popular and still has a huge fan base, meaning that you will be able to resell when your project is completed – and that same huge fan base also means you will never have trouble locating parts for these cars.
  2. The 1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro is a close contender for second place. This classic American car is often found on Craig’s List – as are the parts for it. According to Cheat Sheet.Com, the Chevvy Camaro is the ultimate car for all those opposed to Ford. Camaro still sell full inners for these cars and mass produced parts are easy enough to come by, making it one of the cheapest Muscle Cars to restore.
  3. At number three we have another Chevriolet – the Nova. This Muscle Car is third on the list because it might not stay a budget restoration car for long. Parts are becoming harder and harder to come by – but you can still track them down for a reasonable price. It is estimated that you might be able to restore a full Chevvy Nova for under five thousand dollars. We tracked down a restoration project for you to check out, courtesy of Super
  4. The Ford Model A is a popular choice for restoration, not only because of its elegant and classic shape, nor because it is the dream car used by Hollywood directors – but because they are known for lending themselves well to restoration and have that simple, elegant shape that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. When it comes to the Ford Model A they have less resale potential than the top cheapest Muscle Cars to restore on out list; but there are actual companies out there that are dedicated to full and partial restorations, tracking down parts and being faithfully true to the original. You can visit one such company
  5. Last but by no means least; we come to the Oldsmobile Cutlass. We couldn’t put our list out without giving a heads up to the beautiful form of the Oldsmobile, and the Cutlass is the cheapest one you can buy to restore. It has the original sleek lines and comfort of more pricey Oldsmobiles – but it comes in cheaper simply because it was a less popular car. We love it, and we have a feeling you might too!



And don’t worry! If you can’t afford to restore a classic Muscle Car then we have you covered. Check out this list by the Hot Rod network of project cars that won’t leave you bankrupt! Otherwise enjoy your restoration project, we hope we helped you to find the cheapest ones!



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