Have you ever accidentally spilled oil inside your home garage or looked down when there wasn’t a car parked inside and seen an oil spill ruining the aesthetic of the concrete? Congratulations, you’re like almost anyone who has ever owned a car and parked it over concrete. The problems don’t stop with just the horrible look of an oil spot. Oil spots can cause people to slip and fall, can ruin light colored shoes and cause damage to your house’s carpeting like me if you have a bad habit of forgetting to take your shoes off at the door. I’ve compiled a list of solutions to your oily problem that have proven to work for me and others who have had this all too common problem. (The solutions provided also work on hard to remove grease spots as well)

Keep in mind, some of these solutions are going to require you to do some scrubbing and will take time to see results. Sometimes these steps will need to be repeated if you have a severe case that hasn’t been fixed in a long time.

The most effective way I’ve done it so far 

The best way I’ve found to get oil stains out of my driveway was with a combination of cat litter and a degreaser I purchased off Amazon. The cat litter I used because I read online that it was good at absorbingfreshly spilled oil up off the concrete. Right after sweeping up the litter, I pouredon the degreaser and started scrubbing with a brush. After probably 3-5 minutesof scrubbing the stain, I washed off the spot with hot water. Once I came backabout 30 minutes later when the area was dry, I was extremely impressed!! The stain was completely gone! Needless to say, I was pretty impressed, I had gotten used to other degreasers leaving a tiny bit of residue behind. Before I purchased itI did some shopping around and this one had the best reviews by far. If your curiousand want to learn more about the degreaser, check it out on Amazon HERE.


If you don’t want to spend any money or simply impatient and don’t want to wait for the degreaser to get delivered. Don’t worry, I listed some more options below that I have used in the past that have proved effective at cleaning up a wide variety of oil/grease stains.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

One of the benefits of using baking soda over substances like salt is that it won’t stain your concrete floor. Generally, a very safe way of going about cleaning concrete with soda is by first mixing it with water.

You want to get it to the point where its consistency is that of a paste. If you add to much water, try increasing the total amount of soda in the mixture till you get the correct consistency. After you finish mixing it, simply grab a stiff-bristled brush and scrub till the stain begins to lighten. After your finished scrubbing, wash off the spot with warm/hot water.

Be careful to not scrub for too long. If you have colored concrete, it can scrub off the color or make the spot visibly brighter in color in contrast to the surrounding area.

Laundry Detergent 

Laundry detergent is one of my favorites for a few reasons. One, everyone, for the most part, has detergent around the house. And two, it’s extremely straight forward. Get a large container and mix the detergent with water (preferably warm water).

Make sure the solution is exceedingly soapy. After mixing the solution, pour it straightaway onto the stain and let it sit for 3-5 minutes to soak into the surrounding area. Using a brush with strong bristles, begin to scrub at the affected area. Periodically add the solution to the area as you scrub it away.


One of the more interesting ways to get rid of oil spills and grease is to use Coca-Cola. Now, the first time I tried this, I was skeptical to say the least.

There was a small grease spot on my grandfather’s driveway that needed to be cleaned and I remembered a friend telling me that it had worked for him.

To do it, all you need is a few cans (depends on the size of the spill) of the original recipe Coca-Cola. Pour it onto the stain and wait 2-4 minutes for the cola to start to eat away at the spot. It helps to scrub the spot with a brush to break up the clumps of grease and oil. After your done scrubbing, wash away the soda with a hose or bucket and check on the spot.

The fact that Coca-Cola is strong enough to dissolve oil and grease is 100% of the reason why I haven’t drunk one since.


I understand that not everyone is just going to have a bag of cement lying around their house. However, maybe they should. Mixing up a small batch of cement powder and pour it onto the affected area. The cement works very similar to how the cat litter previously mentioned works. Allow the cement to sit for around two days on the spot.

If you sweep it up after the two days have passed and the spot remains, repeat the process with fresh cement powder until the spot is gone.

It’s important to note that you have to remove all cement powder from the area and not allow moisture to come into contact with it. You don’t want to start adding small cement bumps to your garage floor or driveway.


I hope that the remedies listed above help you guys! If you have any further ideas on how to remove oil stains from concrete driveways or garages, feel free to drop a comment. I always appreciate learning something new. If you want to stay up to date with interesting tips and tricks concerning all things car-related, consider dropping your email below and signing up with our email newsletter.

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