Four Useful Smartphone Apps for Drivers


Drivers have a lot of things to worry about, from fuel consumption and speed traps to inaccurate speedometers and overall vehicle performance. Fortunately, there are numerous apps that can take advantage of the nifty features and connectivity of your smartphone to help you avoid and overcome these annoyances. Here are five useful smartphone apps for drivers.

  1. greenMeter

greenMeter is an iPhone app that provides real-time information about your driving behavior in relation to fuel consumption so that you change the way you use the accelerator and brakes to achieve better fuel economy. It breaks down the use of energy at different speeds into aerodynamic drag, engine power, and mechanical rolling resistance. Then, it shows energy cost in dollars, fuel consumption, and carbon dioxide output.

2. Trapster


Trapster is an app that warns you about speed traps. With this app, you will be able to know the locations of live speed traps, speed cameras, and red-light cameras, and receive voice alerts when you are approaching a speed trap or have exceeded the speed limit. Users of this app also mark breakdowns, road hazards, and construction sites to provide helpful information for other users.

3. Dynolicious

If you are wondering whether you spent too much on your sports car or hot rod, you can use Dynolicious to clear your doubts. Since your iPhone is capable of sensing forward, sideways, or backward acceleration, this app can measure the performance of your car almost as accurately as an advanced car-testing device. It is able to measure speed and elapsed time in a 0-60 mph run or quarter-mile drag race, as well as braking and cornering force, and horsepower to the wheels.

4. Speedometer Speed Box

If you own a classic car that uses a cable-drive speedometer, you can check its accuracy with the Speedometer Speed Box app. This app can also serve as an average speed calculator, compass, and altimeter. It can remember up to three hours of average and maximum speeds during a trip.

There are many other driving apps out there that you can use to make driving and vehicle ownership more cost-effective and pleasant. Whether you are an ordinary, professional, or competitive driver, you will be able to benefit from using driving apps.



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